PRESS RELEASE: Solana Networks, ESRI Canada and Sombra Labs develop GIS-based system for monitoring and vulnerability assessment of IT networks

Nepean, Ontario – 
Apr 4, 2005

Solana Networks, in collaboration with ESRI Canada and Sombra Labs, has developed a system that will assess the vulnerability of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to physical threats. The system was developed as part of a project commissioned by Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. IT infrastructure is vital to the economy and has been internationally recognized as a key component to National Security. IT infrastructure is vulnerable to physical threats and hazards such as human error, electrical failure, earthquakes, landslides, flooding, terrorist attacks, and weather events. Solana Networks has developed a software-based system that supports the monitoring and visualization of IT networks within a geographical information system (GIS). The project was demonstrated using IT infrastructure at Carleton University as well as the CANARIE network.

Until now, there were no tools available to assess the effect of earthquakes, weather events, terrorist attacks, and other physical threats on IT infrastructure. Solana Networks has developed a system that is capable of showing how threats to a geographic area will impact IT infrastructure.

The system enables users to perform line of site analysis for wireless network components, networking vulnerability analysis, forecasting threats to networks, assessing topological relations between network components and other features (e.g. routers and buildings, fiber optics and electrical grids).

For example, the system can simulate the impact that a local electrical grid failure will have on national network services allowing for a suitable mitigation strategy to be implemented. Furthermore, the system can review historical weather event data and develop a threat analysis model that will show locations where IT infrastructure would be at the highest risk of failure from severe weather. It is also possible to simulate the effects of human error or terrorist incidents to networks.

The benefit of this system is that it is now possible to discover and visualize a network overlaid onto a geographic map and analyze physical threats to the network. The risk to IT infrastructure from weather events, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or other physical threats can be greatly reduced.

About Solana Networks

Solana Networks is a high technology company located in the Ottawa area developing intelligent software products and services for the Internet. They have extensive experience in the design and development of products and solutions that enhance IT network performance, whilst reducing operating costs.Solana Networks also offers professional services and has expertise in a wide range of IT areas including: Software Development, Studies Analysis and Research, Simulation, and Network Assessment Services. Solana Networks bring together real world experience and expertise that has seen the successful deployment of products in many of today's IP Networks. For more information, please visit or call 613 596-4094.

About ESRI Canada

Established in 1984, ESRI Canada is a Canadian owned company specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) solutions. We distribute the world's leading GIS software solutions from ESRI Inc., NovaLIS Technologies, Miner and Miner, Telcordia, and Azteca. In order to provide organizations with complete industry-specific solutions we have established an extensive business partner program that includes more than 100 Canadian organizations. ESRI Canada also provides professional services including consulting, training, technical support, and enterprise GIS implementation. We are leaders in providing world-class enterprise GIS solutions for many industries including local government, utilities, public safety and defence, business demographics, education, natural resources, and transportation. ESRI Canada has twelve regional offices across the country, with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-447-9778.

About Sombra Labs Inc.

Sombra Labs was formed in 1998 as a small consulting group in the areas of performance analysis and design of internet based technologies, wireless networks and computer networks security planning. Sombra Labs focuses on developing innovative new technologies for surveillance and remote control/automation and monitoring using wireless equipment as well as advanced research in the area of Internet wireless interfaces.

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