Solana Networks provides industry-leading solutions that improve the performance of mission-critical networks, reduce network downtime and enable new services.

  • Topology Discovery and Monitoring for Medium and Large Enterprise
    SmartHawk is a network mapping and topology discovery tool for routed and switched IT networks. SmartHawk’s Route Analytics technology provides a unique Layer 3 view of the network while SmartHawk’s patented Ethernet Analytics enables a unique Layer 2 view of the network including VLAN visibility. The product is appliance based and targeted for medium and large enterprises.
  • Traffic Monitoring for Small and Medium Business
    SparrowIQ is a turnkey network traffic monitoring solution developed to help IT organizations to rapidly troubleshoot and diagnose network issues and provide visibility into how applications are performing and thus affecting end user experience.
  • Security Monitoring based on Network Anomaly Detection
    SmartFlow is an IT cyber security monitoring tool that uses Anomaly Detection to pinpoint hard-to-detect security threats. SmartFlow complements existing signature based security monitoring tools. It analyzes network flow traffic to detect zero-day security attacks. Smartflow is an appliance based solution and targeted for medium and large enterprises.

OEM Versions of our applications are available

OEM partnerships with Solana Networks can take on different forms based on partner requirements. Our products can be rebranded or customized for direct integration with existing solutions to provide value added capabilities for your clients. Solana’s products have been purposely designed to enable clean and rapid porting of modules onto multiple platforms. The well-documented APIs make it easy to build custom solutions on top of our broad modular offerings.

Solana Networks’ technology has to-date been integrated and deployed into the largest and most critical global networks. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a distributor, or OEM partner, please contact our sales team.

Contact Sales Team or call OEM sales at 613-596-2557