SparrowIQ is a turnkey network traffic monitoring solution developed to help IT organizations to rapidly troubleshoot and diagnose network issues and provide visibility into how applications are performing and thus affecting end user experience.

Its award-winning ‘resource efficient’ design combines powerful performance monitoring capability in an easy-to-deploy, intuitive package ensuring minimal administrative load on an already strained IT staff. SparrowIQ was designed for small and medium businesses that have the same need as their larger counterparts for enterprise-class monitoring solutions but have limited technical resources, time and money to invest in traditional systems.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Monitor network bandwidth in real-time
  • See who and what is generating the most traffic
  • Get alerted based on pre-defined network traffic activity triggers
  • Troubleshoot “slow network” complaints
  • Verify class-of-service policies
  • Traffic forensics with multiple ‘layers’ of drill down
  • All-in-one solution with integrated network probe (sniffer)
  • Ultra-rapid deployment and configuration
  • Mobile ready – stay up-to-date with iOS/Android devices


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