Our subject matter experts conduct studies including simulations, technology evaluation, prototyping, proof-of-concepts, testbed creation and gap analysis. Our work has been published and patented.

Expert Researchers

The Solana team has extensive experience in undertaking studies of next generation architectures, protocols and technologies. The core expertise covers areas such as cyber security, wireless networks (Cellular, 802.11 and MANET) and routing & switching protocols and standards. The team brings together information from systems specifications, IETF and IEEE standards, simulation & modeling and from network measurements in order to undertake analysis and provide clear recommendations to clients.

The Solana team has undertaken development of simulation models to evaluate the performance of various network protocols and architectures (MANET, routing, cyber security, QoS) under diverse traffic conditions and network topologies.  The results of the studies have been published in acclaimed conferences and journals.

Solana maintains strong research collaboration with a number of Canadian Universities.

Services & Core Competency

  • Survey and analysis of emerging technologies
  • In-depth research study in areas related to data networking protocols and architecture
  • Simulation and performance studies of networks, systems and protocols
  • Statistical performance evaluation and analysis for cyber security & wireless
  • Prototyping of research algorithms and ideas for evaluation
  • Development of network emulation testbeds to test prototypes and products

Our expert researchers are proficient with a diverse array of simulation tools and software packages which they use to carry out their work. We work with packages such as OPNET, MATLAB, OMNET, NS-2/NS-3, QualNet, WEKA, RapidMiner, and R-spec. If you don't see a particular package, ask us! We most likely have experience with it!