Solana Networks is a specialist in IT networking and security. Our highly motivated team is committed to providing services and products that are best-in-class. Our customer focus is second-to-none.

  • Experts in network architecture and performance
    The team has a deep and thorough understanding of IT network architectures, protocols, systems and operations covering core network infrastructure, data centres, end systems and applications.
  • Specialists in securing IT networks and data
    We ensure the security of your networks and data through services such as security threat and risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and network security monitoring.
  • Developers of mission critical software and applications
    We know what it takes to build secure, network-enabled software. Our team produces robust software. Scalability and Maintainability are key pillars in the design process.
  • State of the art researchers and innovators
    Our subject matter experts conduct studies including simulations, technology evaluation, prototyping, proof-of-concepts, testbed creation and gap analysis. Our work has been published and patented.