• MYCOM OSI Enhances OSS Solution with Solana's SmartHawk

    May 2022

    MYCOM OSI, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for communication service providers, has selected Solana Networks' SmartHawk to augment its OSS offering. This collaboration will empower MYCOM OSI's strategic client with efficient and effective network discovery capabilities, optimizing their operations and enhancing service delivery.

  • Solana's TrafficWiz Tested on ENCQOR 5G Wireless Network

    Sep 2021

    Solana Networks has recently completed a project to deploy its TrafficWiz solution on the ENCQOR 5G Wireless Network.    TrafficWiz employs machine learning for its advanced classification engine and includes an automated traffic labeling module with human in the loop intelligence to support rapid model training.

  • Shorcan TMX Selects Solana's SmartHawk Route Analytics Product

    Feb 2021

    Solana Networks is pleased to announce that Shorcan TMX has selected SmartHawk to provide additional visibility into the health of their mission critical IT infrastructure. 

  • SmartHawk Adds Support for BGP-LS Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

    Feb 2021

    The latest SmartHawk release adds support for BGP-LS based network discovery. Support for BGP-LS discovery reduces SmartHawk deployment time and simplifies configuration for large networks, eliminating potentially costly misconfigurations. This complementary solution to existing SmartHawk features enables network discovery in a fraction of the time taken by traditional network discovery methods. 

  • SparrowIQ Adds Multi-tenant Support

    Jun 2018

    The latest version of SparrowIQ provides multi-tenant support through a unified cloud-based console.  MSPs and clients can now monitor all sites by logging in to their profile to get an instant view of the health of all the networks and drill down for full control and visibility. 

  • SmartHawk Release 3.5: SmartHawk Exports Route and Path Change for use in Third-Party Tools

    Oct 2017

    SmartHawk Release 3.5 includes enhancements to export network route and path change information to third party systems. SmartHawk provides visibility into the way that network traffic is routed through a network, assisting enterprise networks and service providers with network trouble-shooting and planning. Release 3.5 has been integrated with third-party cyber security and network monitoring tools.  Network operators require real-time notification of route and path changes as such change can impact user application experience.

  • Solana Networks Adds QoS Monitoring to Latest Release of SparrowIQ

    Dec 2015

    Solana Networks is happy to announce its most recent release of SparrowIQ which now includes powerful new features to ensure the reliable delivery of VoIP and other real-time services!  With the most recent release, IT staff can continuously monitor the QoS of network connections and measure packet loss, jitter, packet delay and MOS for numerous paths. 

    Some of the new QoS Monitoring & Alerting features: 

    - Assess network readiness for real-time services (VoIP, Video conferencing, Skype)
    - Monitor QoS between multi-site businesses using the Sparrow QoS agent
    - Get real-time alerts based on QoS metrics for any specific network path
    - Diagnose poor QoS  caused by network congestion issues (e.g. Netflix)
    - Measure the connection health to critical cloud services (Salesforce, Office365)

    Request a trial by contacting sales[at]sparrowiq[dot]com

  • Sparrow Release 1.3: Adds location traffic monitoring, new gadgets and many new enhancements

    Sep 2014

    Solana Networks, today released Version 1.3 of its traffic monitoring solution, SparrowIQ 1.3. This release delivers enhancements and new functionalities that bolster the user’s visibility into networks, enabling them to continually deliver quality services with greater efficiency.   Notably, the latest release offers new gadgets that aid in providing a better security posture of a business’s network traffic.  For example, SparrowIQ can identify the geolocation of a corporation’s network traffic (source or destination) all in real-time.  Unusual traffic sources or destinations can be an indication of various nefarious activities that can be investigated in more detail using SparrowIQ’s forensics capabilities.

  • SmartHawk Release 3.3: SmartHawk extends network discovery capability by integrating layer-3 and layer-2 topology

    Dec 2013

    SmartHawk Release 3.3 provides a unified Layer 2/3 network discovery and mapping solution. SmartHawk L2/L3 topology discovery utilizes a combination of Route Analytics and SNMP based algorithms. The discovered network inventory and map can be viewed through its powerful GUI. The end-to-end path is illustrated on the network map, showing the routers, Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and routers traversed on the path between two end-points. SmartHawk L2/L3's accurate and fast inventory discovery module allows the administrator to keep track of topology changes and detect differences in network inventory and topology. SmartHawk's synthesized data can also be exported for use in 3rd party tools.

  • Sparrow Release 1.2: SparrowIQ introduces forensics capability

    Nov 2013

    SparrowIQ Release 1.2 provides adds a flexible traffic filtering capability to assist with forensics and troubleshooting. Users are now able to get a more granular view of their network traffic making it an even more insightful and valuable performance management solution. Filters are easy to add (and remove) from the dashboard or reports pages and can be applied via the built-in search functionality or through ‘multi-level’ drilldowns. Please contact the sales team (sales[at]sparrowiq[dot]com) to request a copy of the Filter Guide for details and examples.