Solana Networks awarded contract to develop User Controlled Light Paths for Canarie

Jul 18, 2005

Solana Networks has been awarded a contract to develop UCLPv2 (User Controlled Light Path) software for CANARIE. The work involves development of a Network Management System that allows end-users to configure light-paths end-to-end in an optical network. Solana Networks will design and develop a system based on the emerging Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services. Development of this system will involve use of technologies such as SOAP, XML, WSDL, and other Web Services technology (WSRF, WS-Notify, WS-Addressing).

The system will allow end-users with requisite security authority to setup their own end-to-end optical light-path at the desired granularity from one end of the optical network to the other. Light-paths can traverse optical domains owned by multiple service providers. Service providers can lease/acquire Lightpaths to/from other providers. All Lightpath operations (i.e., create, delete, concatenate, partition etc.) will be performed using a user friendly JAVA-based GUI. Solana’s implementation of UCLPv2 will interoperate with other BPEL workflow-based solutions.

A first operational system will be deployed live on the CANARIE CAnet4 network in early 2006.