PRESS RELEASE: Solana Networks Brings IP Route Analytics Technology to the Small Medium Business (SMB)

Ottawa, Canada – 
Apr 3, 2006

Solana Networks, an intelligent IP solutions vendor, today introduces FalconView, an affordable route analytics appliance never before available to the SMB. FalconView utilizes proprietary technology that discovers, monitors and diagnoses routed IP networks thereby allowing for reduced downtime and operating costs. Moreover, FalconView can help save capital expenditures by reducing over-provisioning and increase network availability to allow for new services such as VoIP.

Businesses are critically dependent on their networks, which are becoming evermore complex and challenging to manage. Adding to that complexity is the trend towards converged services such as VoIP, IPTV, Web Services and Service Orientated Architectures. Network problems are not only costly to businesses but prevent the implementation of these new converged services. Many estimates put the cost of downtime to be anywhere between 2% and 16% of revenues. That means that businesses are losing Billions of dollars per year through poor network availability. Add to that the failure to meet Service Level Agreements and the cost is staggering.

Unfortunately, the tools required to diagnose problems with networks and combat downtime have not kept pace with the growth in dependency and complexity of networks. Many SMBs cannot afford the full suite of Network Management offerings from the larger NMS suppliers and therefore are at a further disadvantage in keeping networks running, controlling costs or offering new services. FalconView has been specifically designed with the SMB in mind. It is plug and play ready, vendor agnostic, auto discovers the network, provides full Layer 3 visibility, and the ability to monitor and troubleshoot the network, all from a clear and intuitive graphical user interface. Moreover, FalconView is non-intrusive (does not use SNMP polling) and therefore does not add any additional load to the network. Above all, it has been priced at a point that is within the budget of the average SMB. Enterprise Management Associates' analysis states that "Solana's FalconView offering is a good bet for mid-tier enterprises or smaller organizations looking to exploit a highly affordable advanced technology for holistic, real-time management across the networked infrastructure".

FalconView acts as a traffic camera for your network and is able to provide real-time visualization, monitoring and problem diagnosis. "With FalconView deployed, you get right to the heart of the routing protocols that determine how data is shipped around the network and can reduce the time taken to diagnose problems by up to 90%", commented Mr. Seddigh, President of Solana Networks. FalconView makes it possible for network managers to efficiently deploy VoIP by ensuring that IP networks have high availability and that they are configured properly. With up to 69% of all network problems being caused by network degradation, FalconView is able to analyze the network protocols and show any degradation before it becomes an issue. An additional advantage is that the 30% of problems associated with network mis-configuration can be easily spotted.

The product utilizes proprietary technology to analyze the network and difficult to diagnose problems such as link flapping, interface flapping and routing anomalies are all displayed in real-time. Advanced troubleshooting and root cause analysis can spot problems before they occur thereby reducing downtime and operating costs. FalconView offers users custom charting and reporting capabilities together with user configurable fault and alarm management.