PRESS RELEASE: Solana Networks Adds QOS and Web Services to Latest Release of its Route Analytics SmartHawk Appliance

Nepean, Ontario – 
May 1, 2007

Solana Networks announces the addition of a path QoS visibility and Web Services to its real-time IP network diagnostic and troubleshooting appliance. Third party NMS tools can now leverage SmartHawk’s end-to-end visibility of network traffic and routing health with the newly developed Web Services based data export capability. This will allow network operators to easily drill-down and analyze network performance problems with “at a glance” QoS and routing health assessment via a dynamic topology map and routing health dashboard.

The SmartHawk QoS Module expands on the routing analysis capability by providing network wide visibility into QoS and traffic patterns. By leveraging the real-time network topology map it is now possible to provide end-to-end visibility of network wide traffic without the need for numerous and costly probes or sniffers. Moreover, unlike other tools, SmartHawk will now allow the user to automatically analyze "path QoS", rather than manually scrutinizing individual links. Historical traffic behaviour can also be replayed and overlaid onto the Layer 3 topology allowing for unparalleled "what-if" scenarios and future planning analysis.  “SmartHawk has the unique ability to combine routing intelligence with forwarding path information to analyze and resolve various user issues,” says Gegs Jones, Solana Network’s Vice President Business Development.

The latest release of SmartHawk introduces Web Services technology that will further enhance the integration capabilities with traditional network management systems. SmartHawk’s real-time functionalities will now be exposed via Web Services with the interfaces being defined by WSDL and XML Schemas.  SmartHawk and third party applications will communicate via the SOAP protocol and API libraries that encapsulate SOAP messaging.  This approach allows for “request/response” exchanges giving users secure access to the full range of network intelligence offered by SmartHawk.  “By implementing Web Services on our Route Analytics product suite, we can now bring the value of network-wide, real-time, routing visibility to users through their existing or preferred NMS systems,” added Jones.

Also announced is a new real-time dashboard displaying an at-a-glance summary of routing health derived from an array of distinct network metrics.  The metrics assessed range from router and interface status, LSA events and routing anomalies such as route flaps.  Solana uses unique algorithms to interpret the various inputs and displays the results as key performance indicators.  “Rather than having to sift through large amounts of disparate, uncorrelated data, network operators can now rapidly spot network trends and degradations using the SmartHawk Routing Health Dashboard,” says Jones.  Moreover, operators have the ability to drill down and determine the root-cause of routing health degradation.

Solana Networks will be showcasing their latest version of SmartHawk at the upcoming Interop show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, May 21-24, Booth 362.

About Solana Networks

Solana Networks provides industry-leading software products and solutions for IP networks in Canada and internationally. Solana’s offerings are designed to improve the performance of mission-critical IP networks, reduce network downtime and enable new services. The company offers two intelligent IP network diagnostics products: FalconView aimed specifically at the small to medium business (SMB) and our flagship product SmartHawk targeted at the largest enterprise and ISP networks. Both products have unique capabilities for ensuring high network availability through rapid fault detection and root cause analysis. Leveraging an innovative technology called “Route Analytics” they provide detailed insight into IP network routing heath and various QoS issues.