PRESS RELEASE: Solana Networks Announces FalconView VA, Industry’s First IP Route Analytics Virtual Appliance

Nepean, Ontario – 
Feb 1, 2008

Solana Networks, a leading provider of Route Analytics solutions, today announced that its network diagnostic and troubleshooting appliance has gone virtual, a first in the industry. The FalconView virtual appliance (VA) is targeted at small to medium enterprises requiring accurate network discovery, monitoring and in-depth routing analysis at an attractive price.

The FalconView VA can easily and rapidly provide network administrators with non-intrusive, real-time visibility into their mission critical networks thereby improving overall service availability, performance and network health, at a fraction of the cost of similar systems. The solution is delivered as a pre-built, pre-configured application packaged with a guest OS that can be quickly installed on standard hardware already deployed at the customer premises. This provides customers with maximum flexibility by reducing the need for additional hardware procurement and management, as well as maximizing utilization of existing computing resources. 

Businesses are heavily investing in converged solutions in an effort to cut costs, streamline business processes and enable new services. Moreover, a recent IDC report indicated that more than 50% of mid-sized businesses intended to manage their newly converged systems with internal experts rather than outsourcing to a MSP. Solana’s virtual appliance is ideal for such scenarios and for other institutions interested in deploying a highly affordable and advanced technology with minimum IT effort for the management of their networked infrastructure. 

“FalconView VA is the first real-time route analysis virtual appliance available in the marketplace” said Nisan Rowhani, VP Product Management at Solana Networks. “Due to its price point, route analytics has mostly been a viable option for large enterprises,” said Rowhani, “but with the low cost virtualized solution, midsized organizations can now gain unparalleled visibility into the complex routing behaviour of their IP networks, a must have for improving service availability and overall network performance.” 

“EMA views route analytics as one of the game changing technologies in managing application services over the network,” said Dennis Drogseth Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. “Customers who invest in it show striking benefits in terms of visibility and real-time awareness that inevitably promotes superior results in troubleshooting and planning for new application services.” He continued, “It’s a plus for the industry that Solana has been able to provide route analytics technology at a price point suitable for the mid-tier.”

The FalconView Virtual Appliance is designed to be used in conjunction with VMware virtualization software and can be downloaded as a pre-packaged, pre-configured ready to install application. The VA can support networks from ten to 100 routers.

A free trial version of FalconView VA can be downloaded from the Solana website, please contact sales[at]solananetworks[dot]com for instructions and pricing.

About Solana Networks

Solana Networks provides industry-leading software products and solutions for IP networks in Canada and internationally. Solana’s offerings are designed to improve the performance of mission-critical IP networks, reduce network downtime and enable new services. The company offers two intelligent IP network diagnostics products: FalconView aimed specifically at the small to medium business and their flagship product SmartHawk targeted at the largest enterprise and ISP networks. Both products have unique capabilities for ensuring high network availability through rapid fault detection and root cause analysis.  For more information please visit