Industry Canada Deploys FalconView Network Discovery and Mapping

Mar 2, 2009

Solana Networks announced that Industry Canada is using its FalconView Network Monitoring system in its Protocol Analysis Lab (PAL). Industry Canada’s Protocol Analysis Lab (PAL) was established by the IP Telecommunications and Security group in 2003 to provide technical analysis regarding next generation network technologies, telecommunications security, and infrastructure protection issues.

PAL has deployed Solana’s Layer 2 Network discovery and monitoring product in its PAL lab. The product discovers network devices including network switches, hosts, servers and other end systems such as VoIP phones. It then builds a map of the Layer 2 network and proceeds to monitor various network attributes including utilization, downtime, and node/link status in order to manage the network. Solana’s Layer 2 product provides visibility into unauthorized users in the network (including wireless access points) and traffic anomalies within the network security perimeter.