Solana Networks Announces Network Discovery & Mapping for EIGRP Routed Networks

Oct 1, 2009

Solana Networks, a leading provider of network monitoring solutions, announces support for discovery, mapping and monitoring of EIGRP routed networks. Release 2.4 of its flagship SmartHawk product, scheduled for release in December, will include support for EIGRP.

Solana’s SmartHawk product already includes support for network monitoring of routed networks running OSPF, ISIS and BGP. With the addition of support for EIGRP networks, Solana Networks is now able to support a wide spectrum of Enterprise Networks, assisting customers to maintain strong visibility into network inventory and changes as well as monitoring of network utilization and Quality of Service (QoS).

SmartHawk is powered by a Route Analytics engine combined with SNMP traffic monitoring. It provides an accurate and low overhead approach to network discovery, mapping and monitoring. Its network mapping solutions are among the most accurate in the Industry.