Solana Networks to present at NMMC 2010 (Network Mapping & Measurement Conference)

Aug 2, 2010

Solana Networks CTO Biswajit Nandy will be speaking at the NMMC 2010 (Network Mapping & Measurement Conference) conference to be held at McGill University in Montreal on August 9-10, 2010. NMMC was previously held at the Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences in College Park, Maryland (2008 and 2009). It grew out of NetTomo workshops which were held in Adelaide, Australia (2007) and Sunnyvale, California (2004-2006).

Dr. Nandy’s presentation will address “Issues and Solutions for Enterprise Network Mapping”. The talk will focus on various approaches to Layer 2 and Layer 3 network mapping. It will address the challenges associated with discovering accurate Layer 3 network topologies given the diversity of existing techniques such as Route Analytics, SNMP and probe-based methods. It will also cover the complexity associated with accurate discovery of Layer 2 switched networks which due to the heterogeneity of device vendors and implementation. Finally, the presentation will outline the powerful possibilities for network monitoring and management when forwarding and control plane information are combined with mapped network topologies.

Accurate and dynamically discovered enterprise network topologies facilitates network operations such as troubleshooting and configuration changes, secures network infrastructure and allows planning for network growth. Solana Networks is a leading provider of network and topology discovery technology for Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP networks. Dr Nandy’s presentation will draw on experience gained deploying Solana’s products on numerous customer enterprise networks.