SmartFlow - New Release supporting Anomaly Detection for Cyber Threat Detection

Sep 3, 2012

Solana Networks is pleased to announce the next release of its SmartFlow cyber security monitoring product in September 2012. SmartFlow uses anomaly detection techniques leveraging flow-based traffic data to detect cyber security threats. SmartFlow detects Botnets, DoS, DDoS attacks among other threats. It allows the network operator sto rapidly pinpoint the source of the threat and take immediate actions to protect its network.

SmartFlow was developed to find hard-to-detect threats that signature based security monitoring systems cannot detect. SmartFlow's distributed peer-to-peer architecture allows it to scale and provide defense in depth across an organization. A single SmartFlow appliance can support an average flow rate of 100,000 flows per second, allowing it to be deployed on very large enterprise networks.

With this release, SmartFlow now supports monitoring of additional protocols for anomaly detection - focused especially on monitoring traffic such as DNS, IRC and ICMP. Examination of such control protocols provides early warning of cyber security threats and incidents before they have the opportunity to cause long lasting widespread damage.