Defence R&D Canada Selects Solana Networks for Cyber Defence Research and Situational Awareness Prototype

Ottawa, ON – 
Dec 4, 2012

Solana Networks has been selected by Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) to develop innovative new approaches to detecting cyber security threats.

Corporate and Government computer networks continue to face increased threats from malicious entities who seek to disrupt network operations, gain access to privileged or classified information, engage in cyber theft as well as to conduct corporate espionage. Security threats include malware, distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), advanced persistent threats (APT), Bonets and a range of other threats. Detection of such entities requires increasingly sophisticated cyber defence tools so that the cyber attacks can be detected, the risk mitigated and the perpetrators identified.

Solana Networks team of leading security researchers, working with Carleton University Professors will work on machine learning algorithms for detection of cyber attacks as well as build a cyber security monitoring situational awareness prototype.

DRDC is a leader in exploitation of wireless and information technologies for cyber detection and defence applications. Solana Networks is a leading provider of network security monitoring tools and solutions.