Solana Awarded Government Contract to Conduct Vulnerability Assessment Study on SCADA Wireless Infrastructure

Dec 4, 2012

Public Safety Canada has awarded Solana Networks a contract to conduct cyber security testing and vulnerability assessment on Wireless SCADA network architecture and equipment.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems) IT-based systems are used to control industrial processes in a variety of critical infrastructure including power, nuclear, water, and oil & gas. When the security of such systems is compromised, malicious attackers can gain control over critical infrastructure or cause destruction/damage to the equipment and its surroundings. SCADA networks are increasingly relying on wireless technologies as part of their network infrastructure. This includes wireless technology such as Zigbee, 2G and 3G cellular, WiFi and WiMAX.

Working with Public Safety CCIRC, Solana Networks will be carrying out hands-on security testing on a set of identified wireless network equipment to study their robustness to security attacks.

CCIRC (Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre) is responsible for monitoring and providing mitigation advice on cyber threats and coordinating the national response to any cyber security incident. Its focus is the protection of national critical infrastructure against cyber incidents. Solana Networks Inc is a network monitoring and cyber security specialist with strong expertise in network security, assessment and evaluation.