PRESS RELEASE: Solana Networks Launches Application Aware Traffic Monitoring Solution for SMBs

Ottawa, Canada – 
Mar 12, 2013

Solana Networks, a technology vendor that provides intelligent monitoring products for mission critical networks, has announced the launch of SparrowIQ, a cost-effective, network performance management tool for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Delivered as an all-in-one software solution, SparrowIQ is a packet-based traffic analysis and performance monitoring solution that enables businesses to easily monitor and troubleshoot network and application utilization and efficiency.

With networks now more stable and reliable, and bandwidth consumption on the rise, the focus has turned to how the services and applications crossing the network are performing and hence serving end users.

Solana’s VP of Product Management Nisan Rowhani, said the product was developed to meet the needs of IT professionals for a cost-effective performance monitoring solution.

“IT professionals maintaining smaller shops face the same concerns that larger IT enterprises face; complaints of a slow-running network or applications, but with much smaller budgets.” says Rowhani. “As a result, they’re unable to leverage the benefits of performance monitoring solutions due to cost and time constraints.”

“We are delighted to launch SparrowIQ, a powerful and easy-to-use traffic monitoring solution that specifically targets this gap and was designed from the ground up with the SMB in mind.”

According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading industry analyst firm, “Solana Network’s SparrowIQ brings application-aware, traffic monitoring to smaller IT shops that have the same performance management needs as larger enterprise counterparts, but lack enterprise-sized IT budgets whether their networks are managed internally or externally by an MSP.”

Delivered to complement existing network management systems, SparrowIQ’s key features include traffic forensics, real-time traffic alerting, automatic report generation and distribution. SparrowIQ further defines its features as:

  • Traffic Forensics, one of the more advanced features of SparrowIQ, enables a company to analyze and compare details between business-relevant traffic and recreational /unauthorized traffic.
  • Real-time Traffic Alerting enables a business to configure and receive instant custom notifications around the clock when bandwidth crosses preset thresholds – thresholds can be configured for specific applications, conversations, traffic type, department, user, or domain.
  • Supports smaller sites that may not have flow-capable routers or switches with its built-in network probe.
  • Investigate and diagnose complex network performance issues on or off-site.
  • Capture network trends based on traffic usage. Custom historical reporting can be defined by unique groups and various time increments.
  • Other key features include customizable dashboards for administrator-specific views, support for mobile clients, and full operational deployment in as little as five minutes.

Leveraging the inherent benefits of the packet-based approach, more granular application classification (e.g. BitTorrent) capabilities are in the works and targeted for release by Q3.

About Solana Networks

Founded in 2003, Solana Networks is a Canadian-based, technology vendor that provides network diagnostic and monitoring solutions for small to large enterprises. The company has a track record of designing and building scalable, robust products with a strong customer focus. They have developed several highly functional products, such as, SmartHawk for Route Analytics capability in medium to large enterprises and SparrowIQ for network performance monitoring in SMBs.



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