PRESS RELEASE: Solana Networks Receives “Strong Value” Award by EMA for its SparrowIQ Network Traffic Monitoring Solution

Ottawa, Canada – 
Jul 10, 2013

SparrowIQ Receives Special Recognition as the “Most Affordable Solution for SMBs”

Solana Networks, a leader in intelligent software solutions for mission critical networks, announced that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has rated its cost-effective, network performance management solution, SparrowIQ, as a “Strong Value” for Application-Aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) and has received special recognition for “Most Affordable SMB Solution.” In EMA’s 2013 Radar Report, Solana Network’s Sparrow IQ received the highest score for resource efficiency in their vendor analysis. With its broad ANPM features, low-cost, ultra-fast implementation, and user-friendly interface design, Sparrow IQ focuses on packet-based traffic analysis and network performance explicitly designed and marketed for small to medium-sized businesses.

The report, initiated by EMA, assessed and reviewed 24 ANPM solutions for deployment and administration, cost advantage, architecture and integration, functionality and vendor strength. EMA’s analysis placed additional emphasis on a solution’s core features and functionalities distinctly required by network technicians, managers and engineers who need to accurately determine, diagnose, and communicate the performance of applications and services accessing and utilizing networks.

SparrowIQ not only received high marks for resource efficiency, but was recognized as the “Most Affordable Solution for SMBs” for delivering useful key features, such as traffic forensics and real-time traffic alert monitoring, with an innate interface design that includes automated report generation and distribution. Sparrow IQ brings enterprise-sized ANPM features deployed in a cost-efficient manner to those budget-conscious SMBs with demanding performance management needs.

“We look forward to continued innovative enhancements as Solana Networks expands its packet-based ANPM solution,” said Jim Frey, EMA Research Director and author of the report. “With its effective and efficient ANPM features, uniquely packaged within a self-implemented, self-administrating and unique product design, Solana Networks has brought an intelligent, powerful and cost-efficient solution to both small and medium businesses with Sparrow IQ. This is an affordable alternative for those SMBs who have limited time, money or technical resources to invest in enterprise-wide traffic monitoring and analysis solutions.”

“We’re extremely pleased to receive this recognition for SparrowIQ by EMA” says Nisan Rowhani, Solana’s VP of Product Management. “With the product’s recent release into the marketplace, we view the award as a great achievement. It speaks to Solana’s continued commitment in delivering innovative solutions that merge intuitive design, ease of use and cost-effectiveness with a solid emphasis on customer satisfaction.”

About Solana Networks

Founded in 2003, Solana Networks is a Canadian-based, technology vendor that provides network diagnostic and monitoring solutions for small to large enterprises. The company has a track record of designing and building scalable, robust products with a strong customer focus. They have developed several highly functional products, such as, SmartHawk for Route Analytics capability in medium to large enterprises and SparrowIQ for network performance monitoring in SMBs. 


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