Solana and Carleton University Conduct Research on IPv6 Network Mapping and Discovery

Sep 4, 2013

Carleton University and Solana Networks have recently completed a project together in the area of Network Discovery and Network Mapping for IPv6 networks. During the project Solana worked with Professor Marc St Hilaire from the Carleton School of Information Technology and his students.

IPv4 is the defacto protocol on which today's Internet and Enterprise IT networks are based. IPv6 networks are gaining increased deployment to address the address depletion problem in IPv4 networks. Existing solutions for IPv6 network discovery and IPv6 network mapping are slow and inefficient. Solana's research with Carleton has explored innovative new approaches to rapidly discover the topology of next generation IPv6 network.

Solana Networks maintains strong collaborative ties with universities in Ontario and Quebec. We believe that university collaboration is a key pillar of Solana's efforts to develop innovative technology and solutions for its network and security monitoring products.