Japan's WIDE Network Deploys Solana's SmartHawk Route Analytics Product

Ottawa, ON – 
Sep 10, 2013

Solana Networks is pleased to announce that Japan's WIDE network has acquired and deployed its SmartHawk Layer 3 Route Analytics and Network Mapping product.

WIDE is one of Japan's oldest public OSPF networks and was one of the first networks in the world to deploy IPv6. As part of the deployment, SmartHawk will continually export the network topology and monitored data from the WIDE network in a form which can be utilized by researchers developing third-party algorithms and tools for traffic engineering, software defined networks (SDN).

On successful deployment of SmartHawk, Kenjiro Cho, Research Director at IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan) has said "We are delighted to install SmartHawk on the WIDE network. SmartHawk's easy to use data export capabilities will allow researchers developing new algorithms which require topology and routing information to evaluate their new research ideas with real-world data"

Solana's SmartHawk  Layer 3 product encapsulates Route Analytics, Network Mapping and Bandwidth Monitoring capabilities in a single solution, providing single-pane-of-glass visibility for the network operator.