SmartHawk R3.3 Brings Automated & Integrated Mapping of Layer 2/Layer 3 Networks

Ottawa, ON – 
Dec 3, 2013

Solana Networks announces the availability of Release 3.3 for its flagship SmartHawk product. Release 3.3 introduces a new solution that offers integrated Layer 2/3 network discovery and mapping.

Previously, Solana's SmartHawk had separate Layer 2 and Layer 3 discovery products. The Layer 2 module could discover, map and monitor the full topology of Layer 2 network infrastructure including Ethernet switches, printers, hosts, VoIP phones and other such devices. The Layer 3 SmartHawk module would use Route Analytics technology to discover the routed and Layer 3 view of the network topology.

With Release 3.3, a single appliance combines the powerful Route Analytics technology with Layer 2 SNMP-based network discovery and mapping techniques. SmartHawk can now discover the routed network infrastructure along with edge network infrastructure such as Layer 2 ethernet switches and end-systems (servers, hosts, laptops, printers and other such devices). Depending on user configuration, the full or partial network infrastructure can be rendered in a network or topology map. The network discovery and mapping is fast, very accurate and puts negligible additional traffic load on the network.

Solana's SmartHawk is the first product in the world to offer an integrated Layer 2/3 network discovery/mapping capability based on a combined Route Analytics and SNMP capability. SmartHawk is available in both an appliance and a virtual appliance (software) offering.