SmartHawk Capabilities Expanded for EIGRP Networks

Ottawa, ON – 
Jun 12, 2014

Solana Networks, a leading provider of network and security monitoring solutions announces that its upcoming Release 3.4 for its SmartHawk product will expand the capabilities and feature set for discovering and monitoring Layer 3 EIGRP networks.

SmartHawk is a powerful network discovery and mapping tool with an integrated solution for discovery and mapping of Layer 2/3 IP networks. SmartHawk's Layer 3 discovery module supports network discovery and mapping for networks running any of the following Layer 3 routing protocols OSPF, ISIS, BGP and EIGRP. In response to strong customer demand, Release 3.4 will feature powerful new monitoring capabilities including Bandwidth and QoS (Quality of Service) monitoring for EIGRP networks - making it a strong choice for use in networks which support VoIP traffic.

SmartHawk's capability, feature set and price model makes it suitable for deployment on networks ranging from 50 users to 100,000 users. It has been deployed on some of the largest and most sensitive networks in the world including networks of the largest banks in the world,  service providers, healthcare and hospital networks, educational networks  and Government networks among others.

Release 3.4 is scheduled for release in the Fall and is available in both an appliance and a virtual appliance (software) offering.