Solana develops Cyber Situational Awareness Tool

May 20, 2015

Working on contract to Defence R&D Canada (DRDC), Solana Networks recently completed development of a Cyber and Network Situational Awareness Tool.

The Situational Awareness tool utilizes state-of-the art network discovery and mapping tools to discover an accurate network topology map. It provides users with a number of capabilities to gain visibility into the cyber security health of the network infrastructure. This includes use of patent-pending anomaly detection technology to detect stealthy, low and slow cyber security threats as well as other threats such as DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service). The tool allows the user to overlay diverse types of data in visual form over the network map. Data overlays include security incident overlays and VLAN virtual maps.

The Cyber and Network Situational Awareness tool includes additional features such as network change detection, network monitoring, black lists, white lists, and top network talkers among other capabilities.

Solana Networks is a leading provider of network and security monitoring tools, technology and solutions. Defence R&D Canada is a leader in exploitation of wireless and information technologies for cyber detection and defence applications.