Solana and Carleton Develop State of the Art Cloud Platform

Jul 8, 2015

Working together, Solana Networks and Carleton University have developed a next generation cloud-based platform which will be deployed on CANARIE's high speed research network.

The cloud-based system enables the development of data analysis and sharing applications for a diversity of industry sectors. It allows seamless collection of continuous data from geographically dispersed devices such as bridge sensors, industrial machinery sensors and cyber security sensors. The cloud platform allows local or cloud-based storage of the sensor data while allowing seamless access to accompanying cloud-enabled GUI data analysis tools.

The first application implemented on the cloud-platform is a set of tools required for remote bridge maintenance. Sensors installed on a live bridge send a steady stream of data to the platform. The cloud-enabled software tool is used to predict the health of the bridge under diverse environmental conditions. In a second application, the cloud-based platform is being upgraded with an application for turbine design and vibration management.

The cloud system was built using technologies such as Python, Django, Guacamole Remote Desktop Gateway, Java Script and Angular JS. A distinguishing feature of the platform is the powerful security capabilities which it integrates. The platform can manage end user access to resources using fine-grained authorization (CPU, storage, tools).