Solana Develops Wireless Network Performance Solution for Verizon

Ottawa, ON – 
Nov 11, 2015

Verizon has contracted Solana Networks to investigate data transmission network performance issues on their wireless network and develop enhancements to the TCP protocol which will address the issues.

Wireless and high speed optical networks have high bandwidth-delay products and as such, reduce the throughput of data transmitted over the TCP protocol. As part of this project, Solana will enhance the TCP protocol to provide improved congestion management and utilization, leading to dramatically increased amounts of data delivered on the wireless network.

The solution will provide significant improvement in throughput, maintain fairness and quickly capture available bandwidth. While delivering improved performance, the solution will be TCP-friendly.

Leveraging Solana's strong expertise in network performance and IP protocols, this project will deliver a software solution for the enhanced TCP based on a Linux platform.