Solana Networks Adds QoS Monitoring to Latest Release of SparrowIQ

Dec 10, 2015

Solana Networks is happy to announce its most recent release of SparrowIQ which now includes powerful new features to ensure the reliable delivery of VoIP and other real-time services. 

Voice over IP solutions have become the preferred telephony technology for day-to-day business communications across the globe.  Affordability, flexibility and a rich feature set are part of the attractiveness. 

But since VoIP is a real-time service it is very sensitive to network connectivity issues and prone to call quality degradation with even minor amounts of packet delay, jitter or loss. 

With increasing real-time services hitting the industry (e.g. UDP-based video and audio), QoS monitoring becomes even more critical to ensuring fast troubleshooting and optimal quality of experience for end-users. 

With the most recent release, IT staff can continuously monitor the QoS of network connections and measure packet loss, jitter, packet delay and MOS for numerous paths. 

Some of the new QoS Monitoring & Alerting features: 

  • Assess network readiness for real-time services (VoIP, Video conferencing, Skype)
  • Monitor QoS between multi-site businesses using the Sparrow QoS agent
  • Get real-time alerts based on QoS metrics for any specific network path
  • Diagnose poor QoS  caused by network congestion issues (e.g. Netflix)
  • Measure the connection health to critical cloud services (Salesforce, Office365)

To request a trial contact sales[at]sparrowiq[dot]com