Solana and Flextronics Work on IoT Solution for OriginGPS

Ottawa, ON – 
Feb 3, 2016

Solana Networks and Flextronics will work together to develop a cloud-based IoT solution for OriginGPS.

OriginGPS builds one of the world's smallest GPS devices which are used for a diversity of applications including for example smart watches, wearable cameras, vehicle tracking and oil and gas asset tracking. Working with Flextronic, OriginGPS is developing an IoT based device with an open architecture which allows a diversity of sensors to be connected to the device and data reported back to a cloud-based platform. Communication between the IoT hardware and the cloud-platform will occur over a cellular wireless network.

Solana Networks will develop the software cloud-platform for IoT while Flextronics will work on the hardware and firmware. The cloud-based IoT platform will be able to receive data from a diversity of IoT sensors (including temperature sensors and accelerometers), along with GPS data, store the data in the cloud and enable cloud-based analytics and reports.