SmartHawk Detects Changes on Enterprise Networks

Feb 10, 2016

Solana Networks is happy to announce that its SmartHawk product includes strong capabilities for detecting changes in Enterprise IT networks. 

SmartHawk is powered by a network discovery engine which automatically discovers devices on the network and builds the full network connectivity map for the Enterprise or Service Provider network. The discovery engine accurately builds a picture of the network map including connectivity of the routing infrastructure, switching infrastructure and end systems.

The dynamic nature of Enterprise organizations combined with the trend towards open network architectures and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has resulted in IT networks where new devices constantly connect/disconnect from the network.

For compliance with standards such as HIPAA, network administrators need the ability to detect changes which occur on the network including the detection of new assets and devices which connect to the network. SmartHawk provides a well-integrated approach to network asset discovery and change detection. It accurately discovers connected devices and links, providing

As part of a comprehensive IT security strategy, organizations need to understand which devices are connected to the network. SmartHawk's change detection module is able to identify new devices that connect / disconnect from the network including SmartPhones, Laptops and rogue wireless routers which may result in backdoor access to the network and its data. In addition, SmartHawk is also able to detect network connectivity changes which include the addition or deletion of new network links. The change detection capability includes drill downs which allow the network administrator to compare point-in-time delta snapshots of the network devices and topology.

SmartHawk is available as a stand-alone solution for direct enterprise end-customers. SmartHawk is also available to vendors of third-party network and security monitoring solutions as an OEM licensed solution.