Solana Partners with Ottawa University on Network Discovery for IoT Networks

Apr 13, 2016

Solana Networks and Ottawa University have partnered together on a project as part of an NSERC program to research network discovery and mapping for IoT networks.

The research team at the University of Ottawa will study the challenges encountered when developing an automated topology discovery tool for a heterogenous network for Internet of Things (IoT). The project will study different algorithms intended for network discovery and mapping in IoT networks

In the coming years, IoT technology will enable a wide range of smart applications and services including for example remote health care monitoring systems and home automation. All such applications rely on small form factor low-cost wireless devices and sensors. On the one hand, these devices have unique network architectures an d protocols. On the other hand, they will all be accessible and connected to Wide-Area Networks (WAN) and in some cases, the Internet. These devices will be IPv6 enabled.

The large number of IoT devices forecast necessitates a new class of network monitoring solutions including network discovery and mapping. By leveraging IoT and wireless sensor expertise from the University of Ottawa, Solana Networks aims to develop a network discovery solution targeted to solving the issues in IoT networks.

The University of Ottawa maintains a strong research program in the area of wireless sensor networks and IoT systems. The University partners with innovative Canadian companies to research new technologies which solve a market need.

Solana Networks is a leading provider of network discovery and mapping technology, products and solutions. The company is an NSERC partner and maintains strong collaborative ties with universities in Ontario and Quebec. Solana believes that university collaboration is a key element of maintaining a posture of innovation for leading edge Canadian technology companies.