Solana Networks Partners with Validian for Cyber Situational Awareness

Jun 15, 2016

Solana Networks and Validian Corp have partnered to develop Cyber Situational Awareness solutions aimed at improving the security posture of Enterprise Organizations and Service Providers.

The range, complexity and impact of cyber threats faced by IT networks continues to increase. Organizations require cyber situational awareness tools which provide them with an uptodate visual map of their IT network combined with cyber security threat information gathered from a diversity of security sensors deployed on their network.

Solana Networks SmartHawk is a leading provider of network discovery and mapping solutions while its SmartFlow product is an industry-leading solution for detecting cyber threats such as zero day attacks using anomaly detection and machine learning. 

Solana's open architecture allows SmartHawk and SmartFlow to export network maps and cyber threat information to third party-situational awareness systems for further analytics and automated network defence.

Validian Protect is security middleware that secures transmission of data across the network and governs policies around security services and data communication. The Validian Protect SDK (Software developer's kit) enables vendors to rapidly integrate security policies when integrating data from a diversity of systems across the network.

As part of the solution, Validian and Solana are integrating SmartHawk, SmartFlow, and Validian Protect as part of a Splunk Cyber Situational Awareness System suitable for deployment in Enterprise Networks and Service Providers.