Solana Networks and Mojatatu Networks Tapped by Verizon to Enhance TCP Proxy for Cellular Networks

Ottawa, ON – 
Jan 11, 2017

Solana Networks and Mojatatu Networks have been commissioned by Verizon to implement an enhanced TCP Proxy for its next generation VISP (Verizon Internet Services Platform) platform.

Leveraging the WRC congestion control algorithm, the TCP Proxy will be deployed in Verizon’s cellular networks for improved congestion control, utilization and performance. The joint project assists Verizon in the ultra-competitive US carrier market where wireless providers are exploring all avenues to gain a technological edge, maintain subscriber satisfaction and stretch more from existing infrastructure.

Solana’s unique expertise and understanding of network performance, IP protocols and the Linux Kernel will be leveraged to ensure the successful completion, delivery and support of the key project.