Solana Announces IPv6 Support for Network Discovery and Mapping Solution

Ottawa, ON – 
Aug 9, 2017

Solana Networks, a leading provider of real-time network discovery and mapping solutions announces the availability of IPv6 support for its SmartHawk product providing customers with an easy upgrade path towards the continued monitoring of their growing networks.

Depletion of unallocated IPv4 addresses space has accelerated the migration to IPv6 networks by organizations. With the immense address space provided by IPv6, new challenges for scalability and accuracy of discovery was also seen as a challenge by businesses.  

Solana addresses the above with its SmartHawk solution, which has been extended to include discovery and mapping of IPv6 networks using route analytics. This tool allows network operators to easily discover and monitor IPv6 networks, while maintaining the existing IPv4 mapping capabilities. The Solana solution is fast, accurate and vendor agnostic.

Solana's open architecture allows SmartHawk and SmartFlow to export network maps and cyber threat information to third party-situational awareness and network planning systems for further analytics and network defence.