Solana works with ExtraHop to develop Remote Traffic Mirror for Servers

Ottawa, ON – 
Aug 9, 2017

Working with ExtraHop Networks, Solana Networks has recently completed a project which implements a Remote Traffic Mirroring capability for Linux servers.

Titled Rmirror, the solution captures network traffic on a Linux server and sends it over a GRE tunnel to a remote location for further analysis and monitoring. It is similar in capability to a mirror port on a switch, except that it enables the analytics engine to be deployed anywhere in the network.

The solution was implemented as a Linux kernel module. Rmirror is similar in behavior to Cisco's ERSPAN capability but mirrors traffic through Transparent Ethernet Bridging. 

The solution was benchmarked on modest hardware to scale up to 10Gbps. It can be used by different Network Traffic analytics products. Rmirror has been open-sourced and is available through Github: