Solana Networks Completes Study of Approaches into Traffic Classification of Encrypted Traffic

Ottawa, Canada – 
Mar 7, 2018

As part of a contract awarded by Defence R&D Canada, Solana Networks has recently completed a study of traffic classification approaches for encrypted traffic. The endeavour included an in-depth study into the challenges associated with accurately classifying encrypted network traffic in order to determine the applications that they carry. The work also studied and analyzed state of the art approaches proposed by researchers to overcome the challenges faced by Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) tools. The primary focus of the study was on machine learning algorithms and approaches which can be utilized to accurately determine the underlying applications within encrypted network traffic.

For over 60 years, Defence R&D Canada, an agency of the Department of National Defence, has been providing scientific research and development of applied technology, and is a national leader in defence science and technology for the Department of National Defence and the safety and security communities.

Solana Networks leverages a strong background in networking and cyber security to provide innovative solutions which provide IT organizations with visibility into their network infrastructure and traffic.