SmartHawk Gets More Powerful Discovery and Mapping for Layer 2 Ethernet Networks

Ottawa, ON – 
Apr 10, 2018

Solana Networks has enhanced its SmartHawk product to include enhanced support for automatically discovering and mapping Layer 2 Ethernet networks.

SmartHawk has historically supported accurate discovery and mapping of Layer 2 networks - whether as a standalone network or as the edge network for a larger Layer 3 network in an Enterprise or Service Provider. However, the increased vendor heterogeneity for Layer 2 switches coupled with inconsistent SNMP MIB support by such vendors has caused greatly reduced discovery and mapping accuracy for all network management tools.

Discussing the latest SmartHawk release, Solana's CTO Dr Biswajit Nandy said:  "Solana's latest release of its SmartHawk solution addresses the  challenge of Layer 2 mapping with enhanced algorithms and heuristics, providing accurate mapping in the presence of incomplete MIB information.  The Solana solution is fast, accurate and vendor agnostic."

Solana Networks SmartHawk is a leading provider of network discovery and mapping solutions while its SmartFlow product is an industry-leading solution for detecting cyber threats such as zero day attacks using anomaly detection and machine learning. Solana's SparrowIQ product is an award-winning network traffic analyzer for Managed Service Providers and the SMB market.