Solana Networks Tapped to Develop Encrypted Traffic Classification Tool for Canadian Government Agency

Ottawa, ON – 
Sep 13, 2018

Developed for Public Safety Canada, TrafficWiz is a network traffic analysis solution capable of accurately classifying network traffic in the presence of encryption and/or absence of packet payload.

Traffic encryption ensures content privacy for individuals, companies and government.  However, its proliferation, currently estimated at 80% of all internet traffic, has caused major challenges for many industry sectors that legitimately rely on network traffic identification to accomplish critical business activities.

In the presence of encryption, LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies) undertaking lawful intercept activities face an enormous challenge to identify, extract and share “data of interest” from the aggregated traffic - they face increased costs due to unnecessary network traffic storage and additional staff for analysis.

Leveraging machine learning algorithms with high classification accuracy, Solana’s solution restores visibility, efficiency and cost savings for all impacted sectors.

TrafficWiz was developed on a Big Data platform and is designed to scale to handle large volumes of network data at 10Gbps rates and beyond.