Solana Networks Tapped to Develop AI-based Automotive Intrusion Detection Solution

Ottawa, ON – 
Aug 14, 2019

Solana Networks is pleased to announce that it has been contracted to develop an automotive cyber threat detection solution for Transport Canada.

As part of the project, machine learning techniques will be utilized to detect cyber attacks directed at modern vehicles. The solution will monitor a vehicle’s Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus) and detect unusual and anomalous behaviour from the vehicle's Electronic Control Units (ECUs) messages. Efficient AI approaches will be utilized to ensure that the anomaly detection algorithms are lightweight and can operate in real-time on low-footprint hardware.

The increased network access in modern vehicles has made internal vehicular networks susceptible to cyber attackers who seek to take advantage of lax auto cyber security, forcing a vehicle to perform unintended actions. A single hacked vehicle could impact the safety and security of the public with consequences ranging from economic theft to loss of life. The architecture and protocols used for cyber automotive networks are different from those used for IT networks. The proposed solution forms part of a new generation of cyber systems required to detect malicious cyber auto attacks in real time.

Transport Canada works to make Canada’s transportation system safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible.  It helps ensure those expectations are met through regulation and oversight, driving innovation and by working with partners across the country and around the world.

Solana Networks leverages a strong background in machine learning and network traffic analytics to provide innovative cyber security solutions.