Solana Wins Contract to Provide Cyber Threat and Intent Detection Solution for Department of National Defence

Ottawa, ON – 
Nov 13, 2019

Solana Networks has been awarded a contract by Canada's Department of National Defense (DND) to develop a prototype Cyber Threat and Intent Detection solution (CYTHREIDS). 

CYTHREIDS utilizes Human-in-the-Loop (HIL) machine learning to reduce false positive alerts in security tools. It also carries out intent prediction to infer whether a cyber threat is targeted or opportunistic.

Security tools today generate a large number of alerts and false positives which overwhelm security operation centres (SOC) and security analysts, leading to longer threat detection times and additional cost for organizations.  CYTHREIDS HIL capability leverages security analyst feedback combined with machine learning to reduce false positives in cyber threat detection systems.

The project solution integrated multiple cyber security sensors, a SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management), supervised machine learning and Human-in-the-loop feedback. Key technologies included the Snort Intrusion Detection System, SmartFlow Netflow cyber threat detector, DenyHosts, AT&T's OSSIM/AlienVault SIEM, Elastic stack, Logstash, Kibana and state of the art machine learning.  

Algorithms were developed to predict intent prediction by detecting stealthy command & control (C&C) channels for APT, Botnets and other malware under the control of an external source. In addition, the solution detects data exfiltration over covert channels.