Solana's TrafficWiz Tested on ENCQOR 5G Wireless Network

Ottawa, ON – 
Jan 7, 2021

Solana Networks has recently completed a project to deploy its TrafficWiz solution on the ENCQOR 5G Wireless Network.

TrafficWiz is an advanced traffic inspection solution specifically designed for classification of encrypted network traffic. Proliferation of encrypted traffic has raised a major challenge for communication service providers who are unable to differentiate subscriber offerings, ensure suitable QoS, secure the network and conduct network planning. Encrypted traffic also poses a challenge for law enforcement and intelligence communities requiring effective lawful intercept analysis solutions.

TrafficWiz employs machine learning for its advanced classification engine and includes an automated traffic labeling module with human in the loop intelligence to support rapid model training.

Different network technologies cause applications to exhibit different traffic characteristics. TrafficWiz utilizes machine learning to learn the characteristics distinguishing different applications. This is done by training machine learning models on a set of labeled data for a given application across different network environments. The machine learning models are then utilized to classify future data. Working closely on the ENCQOR 5G network over the past year, enabled enhancement of the TrafficWiz models to classify network traffic for high speed wireless networks.