SmartHawk Adds Support for BGP-LS Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Ottawa, ON – 
Feb 9, 2021

Solana Networks, a leader in network discovery solutions, has with its latest SmartHawk release added support for BGP-LS based network discovery.

SmartHawk’s core method for network discovery leverages route analytics, a unique technology that allows for extremely rapid discovery and real-time visibility into the routing posture of the network.   More recently, CSPs have increasingly made use of the Border Gateway Protocol Link-State protocol (BGP-LS) as a means of reducing operational overhead and gain topological visibility.  

Support for BGP-LS discovery reduces SmartHawk deployment time and simplifies configuration for large networks, eliminating potentially costly misconfigurations. This complementary solution to existing SmartHawk features enables network discovery in a fraction of the time taken by traditional network discovery methods. A discovery run thatpreviously took tens of hours can now be completed in minutes, assisting service providers to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve service deployment.

SmartHawk is available in hardware or virtualized form factor, direct to end-users or via OEM licensing agreements for white labelling or integration by third-party vendors.  Please contact sales[at]solananetworks[dot]com for more information.