Solana Networks develops AI-based Automotive Intrusion Detection System

Ottawa, ON – 
Apr 7, 2021

Solana Networks has recently delivered an AI-based cyber threat detection system for Transport Canada.

The increased network access in modern vehicles has made internal vehicular networks susceptible to cyber attackers who seek to take advantage of lax auto cyber security, forcing a vehicle to perform unintended actions.

This 20-month long project developed a distributed anomaly detection solution which detects cyber threats against a vehicle’s Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus). Efficient AI solutions were implemented which can run on vehicular Electronic Control Units (ECUs). The solutions detects and guards against a variety of cyber threats against the CAN bus including DoS, Fuzzy Attacks, Replay Attacks and Impersonation attacks. The solution was deployed on an automotive testbed emulating a steer-by-wire system with low-end Beaglebone (BB) boards emulating ECUs.

Solana Networks leverages a strong background in machine learning and network traffic analytics to provide innovative cyber security solutions.