Solana Networks develops Cyber Security Audit Tool analyzing cryptographic network posture for OEM vendor

Ottawa, ON – 
Jun 16, 2021

Solana Networks has been tapped by an OEM vendor to develop a cyber security audit tool which assesses the strength of encryption protocols used by applications on the network.

The tool will ingest either live traffic or PCAP files, analyze network traffic flows, and distill key information regarding encryption protocols utilized. The results will be utilized to carry out a cryptographic network posture assessment for Enterprise networks and service providers.

The tool analyzes TLS network traffic to extract a variety of information including information about security certificates, TLS handshake messages, and cipher suites utilized among others.

Solana Networks is a leading provider of network traffic analysis tools. Its Sparrow product provides an out of the box network traffic analytics solution for Managed Service Providers, Managed Security Service Providers and Small and Medium business. Its TrafficWiz solution brings visibility to encrypted traffic. Using machine learning to learn the inherent spatial and temporal network traffic characteristics for different applications, TrafficWiz is able to classify and pinpoint the underlying applications for different classes of encrypted traffic  including audio chat, text chat and video streaming among others.