Solana Networks Delivers Innovative Solution to Streamline Data Centre Consolidation Efforts for Shared Services Canada

Ottawa, ON – 
May 12, 2023

Solana Networks, a leader in network discovery solutions, is proud to announce the successful delivery of a cutting-edge prototype data centre discovery solution for Shared Services Canada (SSC).

In Fall 2021, Solana Networks was awarded a Phase 2 contract by SSC to advance a proof-of-concept system to an operational prototype as part of a multi-phased strategy to consolidate hundreds of Federal data centres into a handful of modern data centres.

SSC has been facing challenges with their current data centre consolidation process, which is time-consuming and resource-intensive. The process involves manually gathering information on aging data centres, applications, and services, using outdated tools and decision-making processes. The existing process for gathering infrastructure, applications, and services information residing in legacy data centres is a complicated and time-consuming process, as SSC must engage the individual owners of these data centres to obtain information using local tools available in that particular data centre. The data is then manually consolidated to perform an options analysis to identify the best fit of services into an Enterprise Data Centre (EDC).

Solana Networks' data centre discovery solution automates the data collection process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. The solution provides a snapshot of constantly changing information and important interdependencies that SSC can use to make informed decisions on data centre consolidation. The solution also offers Cloud-readiness and innovation analysis, helping SSC to identify opportunities for modernization and innovation.

"Clients like SSC face significant challenges when it comes to data centre consolidation.” said Nisan Rowhani, VP Product Management at Solana Networks.  “Our prototype solution has shown promising results in streamlining and automating the process, and we look forward to continuing to work with SSC to further advance the solution."

Solana Networks' data centre discovery solution is reliable, secure, and scalable, making it an ideal solution for medium/large enterprise networks and governments looking to modernize their data centre infrastructure.