Solana Networks Delivers Resilient Network Design

Ottawa, ON – 
Jun 14, 2023

Solana Networks is pleased to announce that it has been contracted by Akimbo Technologies to develop a resilient network design for mission critical IP networks.

Industries reliant on seamless operations recognize the paramount importance of robust IP networks. This necessity is underscored in domains like modern naval vessels, where the network serves as a conduit not only for personnel communication but also for interactions with a spectrum of cyber-physical OT devices. Within these intricate network landscapes, the ability to withstand network/hardware failures, combat malicious cyber-attacks, and avert misconfigurations becomes an absolute necessity. 

Utilizing its strong understanding of IP network architectures and protocols, Solana Networks proposed and implemented a novel network architecture to support redundancy in a VLAN-based Layer 2 network.

Solana Networks is a leading provider of cyber security and network management tools and solutions. Its products and solutions ensure enhanced network performance and advanced network traffic visibility.