Solana Networks Unveils TrafficWiz with 25Gbps Support

Ottawa, ON – 
Jul 10, 2024

Solana Networks, a leader in network intelligence solutions, is excited to announce a significant upgrade to TrafficWiz, its next-generation encrypted network traffic classification engine. TrafficWiz now supports network speeds up to 25Gbps, setting a new benchmark in AI-based encrypted network traffic analysis.

As network speeds and the number of applications competing for resources continuously increase, the demand for highly scalable and real-time traffic classification solutions has never been more critical. The enhanced TrafficWiz platform demonstrates Solana Networks’ commitment to innovation, providing a robust solution for flexible, application-aware network traffic capture, inspection, and analysis. This upgrade allows for seamless scalability, ensuring optimal network performance and security without compromising speed or efficiency.

Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, TrafficWiz delivers unparalleled traffic visibility and performance at high speeds. The solution is designed to handle the most common applications, including mobile, social networking, P2P, instant messaging, file sharing, and numerous OTT apps. By providing real-time classification and metadata extraction, TrafficWiz ensures comprehensive network traffic visibility for high-speed environments