Solana Networks is an approved provider of services to the Government of Canada.

Solana's products and services can be acquired through the following:

  • TBIPs - Services Procurement
  • CPSA - Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement
  • THS (Temporary Help Services)
  • ProServices - Professional Services below the NAFTA Threshold
  • SLSA (Software Licensing Supply Arrangement)
  • CHMC RFSA - For Informatics Professional Services

If you are interested in considering Solana products and/or services and don't see a pre-approved procurement vehicle listed above, please contact us. We have partner companies who we work with and who are pre-approved for a wide range of procurement vehicles for the Government of Canada.

By choosing Solana Networks, you gain access to world-renowned expertise, high quality work, fast time-to-market and cost effective rates.